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There is no start up cost to begin your fund raiser. Students are not required to sell. The Mingamo program connects local businesses with your school community.

Companies agree to issue online digital coupons that can be redeemed by either printing  or sending the coupon to cell phones. Schools share the annual subscription fee the business pays. There are no use charges or fees to the consumers. Its totally free.

Schools receive a web page with a logo, the goal of your program, and a list of your supporting companies with their logos and addresses. Mingamo provides your sponsors
an easy to use digital coupon builder, web page, and listing of coupons in our directory.

Mingamo sales reps will begin explaining the program throughout your business community and signing them up on your behalf. Our representative will visit at least once
a month to review the program, reconcile the revenues, and assist with planning Mingamo promotions in your community.
Mingamo provides the tools you need to connect the business community with your entire school community.

We provide a full turnkey solution including sales to business, design, data entry, support, training and billing.

There are no start up fees to begin our program.

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3 Simple Steps

Businesses Sponsor a School

Businesses Post Coupons

Families Search & Use Coupons

Coupon directory
There is no registration required to search for coupons.
No fees at all for consumers.

A generous portion of advertising fees are given to the sponsored school.

Mingamo.com offers unique web to cell phone technology.

Coupons can be sent to cell phones via SMS messaging.

No need to carry coupons anymore, just send them to your mobile phone!